(AE093)Orphan – Kossetsu EP

(AE093)Orphan – Kossetsu EP
Release date
24 April 2016
(AE093)Orphan – Kossetsu EP
24 April 2016 |

Kossetsu means ‘bone structure’ in Japanese.  Orphan’s debut EP at Audioexit is a structure as well: the title track Kossetsu and 2 versions of the original. All of them are well composed techno music with a bit of industrial taste. The original version is the most dancefloor oriented, the hypnotizing rhythm and the small features make the listener tapping the beat with legs and fingers. The 2 subversions are mostly 4/4 compositions with harder and drier feel, speech samples and some returning effects. Orphan is Ivan Gafer from Costa Rica. His music is described as “techno music focused on dark percussions, low end frequencies and deep atmospheres.”

1. Ivan Gafer_Kossetsu (Original mix)master – 06:14
2. Ivan Gafer_Kossetsu (Tool 1)master – 06:07
3. Orphan – Kossetsu (Tool 2)master – 06:20