About us

DorykFormal Method (also known as P.C.M.N. / Doryk)

Robert grabbed himself into electronic music in the mid 90’s, focusing to techno music from the beginning. He started producing his own techno tracks around 2003. Through the years he had several releases on various techno labels. In 2007 he started Audioexit Records with colleague Thoma. He has played in several clubs and radios, he also started a podcast series called Thatswecalltechno, which is providing finest underground techno mixes every month. In 2012 he started his own label Black Strategy Records. He is the main responsible for A&R, parties and media presence at Audioexit Records. His new alias is Formal Method.


Thomas started his music career also in the mid 90’s, with various amateur music projects with his friends. He also developed good knowledge in electronic music and he isĀ  interested mainly in the media part of it. With a few releases in his discography he also has proven record as a producer under several aliases. Dealing not only with techno but other genres helps him to keep his fingers on the pulse of the scenes. At Audioexit Records he is the responsible for media presence, website issues and a little A&R activity.