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Audioexit lives on as classic label

Audioexit Records has finished releasing digital stuff via this website. After 100 digital releases we decided to move further and become classic record label as this was our long time dream. We chose Bandcamp as our platform for vinyl, CD and cassette format releases. VISIT


July 29th, 2023

Audioeit participates Independent Label Fair 2020

Despite the Covid situation Audioexit Records participated on Independent Label Fair Budapest for the first time. Independent Label Fair is an offline event where Hungarian labels present their artists and catalogue. It is organized by Budabeats Records, one of our old ...


December 25th, 2020

Release links are broken – we are working on it

Audioexit may have terminated its operation as a netlabel but our digital releases live on…and we would like to make all of them downloadable. You may have noticed that the links are broken – this is because we wanted to start with a blank page on Bandcamp. ...


October 3rd, 2020

This is (not) the end

Audioexit Records celebrates its 9th birthday this November and this date marks another milestone at our label. The upcoming release – AE100 – will be our latest release as a netlabel and we plan it to hit hard. Audioexit was established in 2007. After the ...


December 26th, 2016