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New 2 tracker from Spain

It’s good to see that Spanish techno scene is still blossoming. Welcome DSX and his 2-tracker, ‘Untitled’ from Sevilla.


May 29th, 2016

Orphan – Kossetsu EP is out now

Costa Rican Ivan Gafer hits the dancefloors with his 3-tracker debut EP at Audioexit Records. Kossetsu is a well-composed techno piece with an original and 2 different versions of the same track.


April 24th, 2016

Vancouver, Toronto, Detroit – Huck Farper

Our newest release is from a Canadian producer who is heavily influenced by the North American scene an Detroit sounds. He is Huck Farper from Canada and his 3-tracker will blast your head off.


March 27th, 2016

No organic material included

We are happy to have another female producers in our artist roster namely Arrhythmia from Serbia. Her debut material, Inside the Machinery EP is everything but light. It is raw, tough, harsh and crisp. You cannot digest it first and you have to be well prepared for ...


February 18th, 2016