(AE096)Noisesculptor – Fit Elements

(AE096)Noisesculptor – Fit Elements
Release date
29 July 2016
(AE096)Noisesculptor – Fit Elements
29 July 2016 |

After some short EPs in the past months, here is a decent six-tracker from Germany based Hungarian artist Noisesculptor (also known as Robotron, his old alias). Deep and complex industrial techno, rich sound carpets, highly repetitive yet structured patterns, the whole EP brings this dark, post-apocalyptic mood. Tracks which we can hear late night, when only the strongest remain on the dancefloor. Strange, but the EP is also suitable for listening at home alone as a meditative material. He improved himself a lot compared to his old works.

1. Noisesculptor-Feever(master) – 07:07
2. Noisesculptor-Dibbuk(master) – 08:48
3. Noisesculptor-Richter(master) – 06:24
4. Noisesculptor-AH ideology(master) – 07:28
5. Noiseculptor-Cold W1809(master) – 06:24
6. Noisesculptor-Black Box(master) – 10:22