(AE094)DSX – Untitled

(AE094)DSX – Untitled
Release date
29 May 2016
(AE094)DSX – Untitled
29 May 2016 |

New 2 tracker from Europe’s techno central, Spain. Beyond the boundaries of techno, let it be conquered by ambient sounds and start new electronic trips. Try to listen to a DSX’s track, and this will be the perceived feeling. DSX was born in Sevilla in 1989, and it is there where he took the first steps as DJ and producer, influenced by artists like Oscar Mulero, Perc, Truss and many more. A gloomy and clear techno both in his dj sets and live sets. He works with sequencers and analog synths in his studio, showing an elegance in composing that let him create weird concepts of gloomy and clear techno and new melodies. He released tracks on labels like B55, LCR (Liss C ’s label) with remixes from George Apergis and R.N.T.S, Serial Number 849, Dark Garden Recordings, R*R Records, Redpoint Alert Records, Minimized Records and others.

1. DSX – Untitled001(master) – 07:25
2. DSX – Untitled002(master) – 06:54