(AE091)Arrhythmia – Inside the Machinery

(AE091)Arrhythmia – Inside the Machinery
Release date
18 February 2016
(AE091)Arrhythmia – Inside the Machinery
18 February 2016 |

We are happy to have another female producers in our artist roster namely Arrhythmia from Serbia. Her debut material, Inside the Machinery EP is everything but light. It is raw, tough, harsh and crisp. You cannot digest it first and you have to be well prepared for listening. It is really a journey inside a machinery. Planet Cybertron may have sounds like Arrhythmia uses on her EP. An intense start of the year, featuring industrial, experimental and noise techno elements. No any organism included!

Arrhythmia about herself: The versatility and dark beautiness, the variation and over excitation of frequencies are why I feel this sound is my own. I feel and impart unbelievable freedom through industrial noise, I like to indulge into a sound and postpone its boundaries continuously. I love the nearly shocking and scaring noises, what exceed the general and ferial soundscapes, which are surrounding us. In my works I draw from static machine noises, voices appearing in nature and my own emotional world.

1. Arrhythmia-Eternal Covenant – 07:37
2. Arrhythmia-Inside the Machinery – 06:37
3. Arrhythmia-Artifical Intelligence – 06:51