(AE089)Balatro – Secundum

(AE089)Balatro – Secundum
Release date
22 October 2015
(AE089)Balatro – Secundum
22 October 2015 |

We cannot say Balatro has lots of releases at our label: this is just his second EP at Audioexit. But this is as special as QuOz (AeTech014) was. Why we love Balatro? Because of his talent, quality and unique sound. Because of releases like this one. Because of his liveacts (have you ever heard a Balatro live?). He has not a lot of EP releases at various labels but his track are masterpieces.

Secundum is a milestone – topping off one of our strongest years. Secundum is the title track accompanied by 4 remixes from Bombardier, Dan Mute, Hyo and Stingrays (what a list!). All of the remixes add a special value to the original track. It is interesting to mention that only Hyo and Stingrays uses the vocal part which is an amazing part of the title piece.

Our 8th birthday is coming – what can be a best gift for all of us if not this release?

1. Balatro – Secundum (Original mix) – 08:37
2. Balatro – Secundum (Bombardier remix) – 08:09
3. Balatro – Secundum (Dan Mute remix) – 06:02
4. Balatro – Secundum (Hyo remix) – 06:46
5. Balatro – Secundum (Stingrays remix) – 05:56