(AE060)V.A. – Five Years Later

(AE060)V.A. – Five Years Later
techno, dark, industrial, acid
Release date
06 December 2012
(AE060)V.A. – Five Years Later
06 December 2012 | techno, dark, industrial, acid

Audioexit Records presents the 60th reference of the label, representing the first five years in the life of the label, with artists who supported this project from the beginning with their works. We present 20 tracks in a wide spectrum ranging from dark ambient and dubtechno sounds through industrial and darktechno to acid and offbeat. We would like to thank all of our friends and artists for all the support, feedbacks and promotiom we received in the past five years, which gave us the spirit to keep the label rolling, to deliver quality techno music from very talented artists from month to month.