Xilinox aka The Bee

Xilinox aka The Bee
Birth name
Zoltan Bacsardi

Zoltan Bacsardi was born in 1983 in Szekesfehervar / Hungary. In Spring 2007 he bought his first turntables. First significant action took place in a bar in 2008 at Baracs: DJ Mike invited him to a Synopsis event. Highly appreciated. The Bee became a member of one of the defining events. In December 2009 the duo known as Datascent invited him to Budapest and recognized his musical talent with a great friendship. In 2010 a new connection was requested by www.brainfuckingbeatz.de and www.darktechno.de and the assistance has been successful. His works appeared on labels like: Dark Audio, Survivalrecords, Zimmer-Records, AudioExit, TechHeadRecordings, Reiz Musik, Techno Pulse Records,Voices of Lilith, Shout Records, Plastiq, to name just a few.