The Fallen

The Fallen
Birth name
Tamas Bencsik

Tamas Bencsik aka The Fallen has been active in various dance music communities since 2007. First he discovered techno and hard techno, and went to world-class hard techno parties, organised by N.G.O.H.T. . On these parties he met later the harder hardcore and industrial styles by Sandy Warez and Waldhaus. At the end of the 2000’s he turned more and more to harder, abstract, distorted and noisy genres. The time has come for him in 2011 to start buying cds and vinyls and he began producing his own works as well. In the beginning he searched the right artist name, which was ‘Mental Disorder’ in the first times. He had one release under this alias called ‘Darkness On The Life’ which had a very raw and rude sound.
With a lot of work his style became more and more sophisticated, and in 2013 he had a two track release on the Tesjno sublabel of the big hardcore label Noisj, with the title ‘Your Destiny’. His ‘The Fallen’ project started with this release. In 2014 a dream came true for him: his first EP was released on his most respected label Protective Angels.