Demon I-O

Demon I-O
Birth name
David Goni Moreno

demon.I/O is a DJ/producer from Navarra (Spain). His tireless work as a music producer led him to co-founding DESARROLLOCERO. Although this experience gave him good personal returns, he could feel it kind of became “small ” in his artistic and professional aspirations. This is why he is eager to grow, find, investigate and develop new experiences, kinds of music… he joined the ambitious project CRYMINALS together with David Lop. CRYMINALS project is mainly focused on trends such as Detroit & Dark Techno. A more personal sound, well-developed and underground. After 5 years, he left that project to focus on production. Today we can enjoy his latest productions on the label DARK GARDEN, which was created together with David Noir, mainly focusing on Dark Techno.