Backslash Zero & Ohmikron

Backslash Zero & Ohmikron
Birth name
Tibor Gacs & Kalman Nemeth

Backslash Zero:
Tibor Gács was born in 1991 in Transcarpathia. He discovered electronic music at the age 11, and since then he made a long journey in various styles, from deep and slow techno subgenres through broken beats and experimental styles to the fastest hardcore, refining his taste through the years. He got his first computer in 2006, and he found quickly his new hobby too: music producing. He had a release in 2010 by a Turkish technohouse label, and was also featured on a Hungarian hardcore compilation. In 2012 he dived into Budapest’s techno and dubtechno scene, where he met Ohmikron, and they decided shortly to do some collaboration and make techno music taking both’s influences into the productions.

Kálmán Németh was born in 1981. His obsession to music came from his parents, so he realized very early he has to deal with music. He bought the first techno vinyl in 1999, and after tasting several genres he found dubtechno, which was love at first sight. He has an own show at Tilos Radio, every Sunday morning. In 2005 he grounded Hardtek Production with Krisztián Deák, which combines experimental dance music with classic techno sounds. After some years of experimenting and approaching to a deeper, cleaner sound he formed ODUM III with Zoltán Solomon, which is gaining a growing national and international interest.