Birth name
Csilla Szlacki

She has been being in the business for 7 years. Her first EP was released under the alias SHE314, after that she worked as Ahrkitekt Monohm and her new project is Arrhythmia. She had several appearances outside Serbia. Her first mini album was out in 2014 at Dash Deep Records, since then she appeared on more Various Artists releases by Art Style: Techno. She became acquainted with industrial noise approximately one year ago and her first work was born in 2015 in this style. The versatility and dark beautiness, the variation and over excitation of frequencies are why she feels this sound her own. “I feel and impart unbelievable freedom through industrial noise, I like to indulge into a sound and postpone its boundaries continuously. I love the nearly shocking and scaring noises, what exceed the general and ferial soundscapes, which are surrounding us.”
In her works she draws from static machine noises, voices appearing in nature and her own emotional world.